RRHC has a whole project approach to Construction Management. Our goals are to maximize the existing budget constraints, maintain a quality standard from those performing the work, and to adhere to an established schedule.

Under the Construction Management approach, our team aims to become involved in the project as early as in the design phase. The sooner we get involved, the sooner we can put together our resources to create a construction team that will work to complete a project on time and within budget. Once a team can be assembled, all members will gather to discuss the project at length and identify possible stumbling blocks. In this manner, all parties are pulled together toward the achievement of one common goal: quality work, on time, and within budget.

Our customers recognize our ability to both supervise bid processes and work closely with subcontractors in order to accelerate project completion and improve quality. RRHC manages all construction phases to accomplish the completion of the project.

Our Construction Management approach has become one of our preferred project delivery methods for complex projects that require effective controls and communication between the customers and the project team. Using Construction Management, we provide our professional and innovative services to manage resources, time and people for best results.

It is this type of cooperation from our team, which we at RRHC, have come to rely on. This team spirit is inherent throughout our organization, and is conveyed to our subcontractors as well. Furthering our efforts to assemble the very best team, we include the Architect, Engineers, and Owners representatives as an integral part of our team. Through the contributions of all parties involved we are able to produce the very best quality project in the shortest time frame.