Raymond R. Houle started a small commercial construction company back in 1977 in his garage in South Hadley, MA. Over the years the company grew slowly working largely for Friendly Ice Cream Corporation. Traveling around the country to service Friendly’s was a way of life. Raymond dabbled in the medical field and began what is now a very strong foothold in the industrial and medical market. In the summer of 1988, Timothy S. Pelletier came to work at Raymond R. Houle Construction, Inc (RRHC). and thus began an evolution in the company’s progress.

Timothy created change and spurred expansion. The office at 89 Granby Road in South Hadley expanded several more times, each time more exciting than the last, until finally the company outgrew the little garage office and began the search for a new home. In 1997, the company moved to a larger location at 187 East Street in South Hadley and created a new facility.

After almost 20 years of incessant work, Raymond stepped down in 1994 from the daily operations of the business, and Timothy ran the day to day business operations. In 1993, Robert Langevin came on board as the new Chief Estimator and worked alongside with Timothy. Raymond retired completely in November of 2003. By then, Timothy had acquired enough experience and knowledge to run the business, which he purchased from Raymond and became the new Owner/President in 2003. Robert Langevin was then promoted to Vice-President.

Since 2003, Timothy has worked to expand and improve the business structures and systems that Raymond had put in place since the inception of the company. In 2005, the operations were again moved to a new and larger location on 5 Miller Street in Ludlow, MA. The current office in Ludlow provides a centralized location, enhanced and larger space for operations, as well as additional space for workshop labor and equipment storage.

RRHC continues to be the preferred general contracting company for many local businesses. We work primarily in the following markets:

  • Medical
  • Educational
  • Retail
  • Industrial

We regularly self-perform the following tasks:

  • Concrete
  • Framing (metal and wood)
  • Drywall
  • Cabinetry installations
  • Door, frame, and hardware installations
  • Carpentry work of all types

With over 35 years of experience, the company has come a long way from the way in which it was once managed. Timothy S. Pelletier, with the support of the entire team, will continue to be instrumental in driving the company forward and implementing the policies needed to keep the business loyal to its mission of Customer Service, Quality Workmanship, and in continuing to make RRHC an enjoyable rewarding place to work.